Understanding SEO

Have you ever searched for something on google and wondered why certain websites are on the front page? The answer is SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it is a way of developing your website so that it attracts the most possible organic traffic. This is done through content creation and keyword research. By utilizing an effective SEO strategy, a website can boost its organic traffic and in turn increase its revenue dramatically.

Website Example - Primus Cable
What is SEO Infographic

So how do i create an SEO strategy? 


The first step is to understand how a search engine functions. The purpose of a search engine is to provide results to their users and answer their search query in the most helpful and relevant way possible. Search engines do this by indexing your website and the keywords in your content. If your keywords match the users search query, you are more likely to show up for the search.

 Know Your Audience

Now that you understand the purpose of the search engine, it’s time to figure out what your audience is looking for. This is done through keyword research to figure out what keywords are being searched for, along with what keywords your competitors are using. This is the process that is most pivotal to your SEO strategy. These keywords are used to answer the questions of your audience. This shows the search engine that your website is relevant to the needs of your market. The more relevant you can be, the higher you will rank.

 Answer The Question

After you have compiled your list of target keywords, you need to decide how to use them. One of the common mistakes many businesses make is to throw all of the keywords onto a page. This sort of keyword vomit isn’t near as effective as it could be. Sure, you have all of your keywords, but if those keywords aren’t used to answer the questions of your target market than they are not doing their job. Instead, your goal should be to use these keywords to create content. Create pages that answer the questions of your audience. A perfect example of this, is the page you are reading right now. Many of our readers found this page by searching the question, “what is SEO?”. By creating content, here at DMMEZ we are able to answer your question and show search engines that we provide relevant content to our readers.

 Continue To Optimize

Of course, this whole process is not instant, and takes a lot of work. Keyword volume changes over time, and so should your SEO strategy. That is where we come in. DMMEZ is here to provide you with an experienced and talented team of SEO analysts to help you develop the right SEO strategy for your company. We provide you with detailed analysis of how your website is performing and make the entire process EZ for you! For more information about or SEO packages and how we can help boost your organic traffic, check out our pricing page. Make sure you check out the next article in our series, SERP- What it is and how it helps your seo, to find out even more tips to grow your web presence!