fiber savvy

Customer Overview

Fiber Savvy is a leading supplier in fiber optic Cable. They built their company with a particular market in mind. Having a successful sister company, they didn’t need much help in terms of how they wanted to get recognized online. They just needed help getting their site designed and some marketing advice on how to get started. We help this company get started and now they are steadily growing into a major player within their industry. Our efforts helped Fiber Savvy start off on the right foot which catapulted them into easily managing their own e-commerce website.

Branding & Design

Fiber Savvy needed an e-commerce web presence to accommodate their clients. We helped create their brand and designed a fully functional e-commerce site to integrate over 5000+ products.


Our team took our client from branding and designing the look of their web presence to the functionality and responsiveness of the website. We don’t stop when the site is designed, we continue to manage our clients site and their marketing to increase the customer base.


At the start of working with Fiber Savvy we noticed an opporunity to make a shift in the way their content was written to improve their SEO rank. We formulated a plan and executed. They now have a continuous amount of steady growth in traffic and keywords. Their 2019 is on track to beating 2018 in traffic and keywords.


Fiber Savvy isn’t in the lead when it comes to organic research but they may have the lead in years to come. Their performance so far shows us that they’ll be climbing to a higher position.


With Fiber Savvy being in the low voltage communication business, they have a chance to stand out among their competition and beat all of their competitors when it comes to traffic. Their SEO, PPC and Web Development is all managed by our company and we know, with our work quality, their going to be a large leader in the communication market.

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