Gun Up Tactical

Customer Overview

This website was developed to stimulate the topic of our right to bear arms while acknowledging the legalities of owning and operating a weapon. In this day and age, guns are an extremely hot topic. That is why the team at Gun Up Tactical wanted to provide a safe place where gun owners and gun activists can try to find some common ground. At the very least our users might learn something and walk away with a bad ass T-shirt. Gun Up Tactical will be diligently providing our users with any breaking news, updates to gun laws, and explaining new regulations regarding guns.

Branding & Design

Gun Up Tactical wanted their e-commerce web presence to stand out by the use of upbeat colors that kept the client on the site and help with the sell. We created the brand and designed a practical e-commerce site to incorporate over 5000+ products.


Our marketing team made sure the Gun Up Tactical website was designed with both the look, functionality and the responsiveness to work with all the different sized mobile devices as well as monitors. We don’t stop when the site is designed, we continue to manage our clients site and their marketing to increase the customer base.


To make sure Gun Up Tactical’s website appear on the first page of Google searches we continually work on our clients organic search engine optimization and Google AdWords to increase visitor website traffic.

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