primus cable

Customer Overview

Primus Cable is a leading supplier in low voltage wire and cable. They built their company based on reputation and word of mouth. They started their company with one website and a dream to be one of the market leaders in their industry. They needed SEO and PPC advertising to help boost their relevancy on google. We help this company achieve all their business goals and capitalized on customer follow-up. Our efforts helped Primus Cable bringing in new leads, which eventually generated more revenue for their business.

Branding & Design

Primus Cable needed to brand their company, so they can give clients a great first impression. They wanted a unique look and feel that would resonate with their clientele. We worked closely with the owner to designed the right logo, packaging, color scheme, and slogan to better showcase their company.


Our team had to make sure the Primus cable website was designed with the fresh , contemporary look, and the responsiveness to work with all the different sizes of mobile devices as well as monitors. We continue to manage our clients site to make sure to increase the customer base.


Our work over the years has made a huge impact on Primus Cable’s website and business. With over 1.5 million page views in 2018, they are maintaining a strong hold in their market and they’ve become one of the most known brands in the low voltage telecom industry.


One of the analytics we like to see and one of the most interesting is New Vs. Returning Visitor stats. The amount of work we put in to Primus Cable brings them a ton of unique shopping customers daily and that’s what we love to see happen.


Overall, there is a substantial increase in performance for Primus Cable’s business compared to years prior. New shoppers are finding and visiting their business organically due to their high page rank on major search engines. Primus Cable has come a long way and we have so much left to do. More shoppers to come!

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