Primus Golf

Customer Overview

Primus Golf Academy offers a state of the art indoor golf training facility to help you improve on your golf game. Primus Golf professional trainers are using industry-leading technology to offer you indoor golf training with virtual golf simulator that has 84 different championship courses. Our client needed a website to reflect the professional service they offer.

Branding & Design

Primus Golf were in need of a web presence to inform and bring golf enthusiasts from novice to advanced levels to their high-end facility. We created a brand and designed the site with the outdoor golf game in mind for an indoor virtual simulator.


Our web and marketing team designed our client’s website to look good, be responsive and function on all size devices. It was important that Primus Golf’s customers could easily use their mobile phones and/or tablets to analyze their stats for improvement of the game.


To ensure Primus Golf’s website will appear on the first page of Google searches we continually work on our clients organic search engine optimization and Google AdWords to increase visitor website traffic

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