primus honey

Customer Overview

Primus Honey offer the highest quality raw honey. It is 100% natural. In order to preserve the delicate flavors of the honey, they make each flavor themselves. They built the company based on reputation and on word of mouth. Primus Honey provides only the finest raw honey that contains no artificial preservatives or any kind of additives. They came to us wanting a very fresh and contemporary site.

Branding & Design

Primus Honey wanted their e-commerce web presence to feel fresh and fun that would help with the sell. We created the brand and designed a practical e-commerce site to incorporate over 5000+ products.


Our marketing team made sure the Primus Honey website was designed with both the look, functionality and the responsiveness to work with all the different sized mobile devices as well as monitors. After designing the website we continue to manage their SEO, PPC, and other marketing needs.


To make sure Primus Honey’s website appears on the first page of Google searches we continually work on our clients organic search engine optimization and Google AdWords to increase visitor website traffic

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